About MineroTOM

MineroTOM is a cloud-based employee presence and absence management solution for registering and approving holidays, sick-leaves, business trips or home-office workdays. A simple web-application that is accessible from any device or platform with an internet connection, and solves the problem of employee absence administration, registration, approval, yearly quotas, and timesheet generation

Problems of manual holiday registration

  • Employee holidays usually stored in different Excel files in network folders
  • These files are hard to find and only accessible from PC-s connected to the intranet
  • Everybody can write them without restrictions and validations
  • Clumsy or nonexistent approval process, getting more complicated as the organization grows
  • Checking and enforcing holiday quotas are tedious and complicated
  • Nobody gets informed when someone registers something in the files
  • Cumbersome to check who is working and where on a given day
  • Separate manual timesheet registration or generation at the end of the month, based on the employee absence data in Excel files

Benefits of MineroTOM

  • Central, easy-to-access, transparent storage for managing employee presence and absence
  • You can access it from any device inside or outside the company with a web-browser and an internet connection
  • Your data is safe thanks to the secure data storage and authentication provided by Amazon and Google
  • Flexible but controlled holiday approval process, without the need for manual quota check
  • No need for manual timesheet generation at the end of the month
  • Anyone can check in a second who works and where on a current day
  • Everybody gets informed immediately, thanks to the automatic e-mail notifications
  • Flexible configuration and customization for the unique characteristics of your company
  • Cloud and web-based architecture, no IT infrastructure or personnel needed
  • Subscription-based, flexible pricing suiting your company's needs, no financial investment needed
  • Multi-tenant architecture, easy to setup and configure for your company

Features of MineroTOM

  • Scalable and secure Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Web-based clients with responsive design, running on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone), any platform, and any web-browser
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use, multilingual (English and Hungarian) user interface
  • Secure HTTPS communication protocol with standard username-password or Google-based authentication
  • Easy employee registration and management functions with flexible user roles
  • Absence request and approval process with superior and subordinate hierarchy between employees
  • Management and automatic check of yearly holiday quotas, including holidays carried from previous year
  • Public group view of employees' availability, presence or absence, for everyone to know who works and where
  • Management of subcontractors and their availability
  • Automatic e-mail notifications for affected users about events in the system
  • Official monthly employee timesheet generation based on registered absences
  • Flexible, configurable and customizable functions and workflows
  • Management and reservation of parking spaces or other resources for employees

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monthly subscription

Technology of MineroTOM:

Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure

PostgreSQL database

WildFly application server

JAVA EE 7 back-end technology

AngularJS front-end technology

jQuery front-end technology


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